Transportation Forum Presentations 10/18/2016


On Tuesday October 18, 2016 the Pinehurst Civic Group sponsored a Transportation Forum with Brandon Jones from the North Carolina Department of Transportation  presenting plans for roads you travel every day.  The specific area roads and Corridors discussed were:  CLICK ON THE DISCUSSION TOPIC BELOW TO SEE THE PRESENTATION


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5 Responses to “Transportation Forum Presentations 10/18/2016”

  • James Tart:

    Speeding on Midland Road appears to be a significant cause of accidents, and lowering the speed limit will probably not change behavior very much. Do you have other ideas on controlling speeders?

  • phil menendian:

    when the 211 beyond rte 73 project is done, what plans are there for the removal of the old, derelict Stanley Factory bldg.?

  • Diane Shelby:

    If the DOT will accept questions regarding roads that are not on the agenda, fifteen of the homeowners on McKenzie Road East would like to know if there is any plan for improving the intersection of McKenzie Road East and Route 5. We have sent the VOP numerous requests to help us with that intersection. We are alarmed at the number of serious traffic accidents that have occurred at that intersection.

  • Matt Harmody:

    Traffic Circle – Can the traffic circle be easily expanded by adding a lane(s)?

    Midland Road – Has any consideration been given to turning 1-2 lanes into a pedestrian/bicycle only lane? Reduce the motorized vehicle traffic speed limit. This could encourage bicycle taxi or trolley operators between Southern Pines and Pinehurst. The traffic circle would present a problem.

  • What is the time frame for improvements to HWY 211past Route 73? When will the NCDOT start purchasing property and construction begin on the extension?

    Will the intersection of HWY211 and Route 73 be expanded or changed so that here is a more direct line to cross HWY 211 continuing on Route 73?

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