Updates and Documents for the Proposed Apartments & Commercial Building in Pinehurst


June 13, 2016    The Pinehurst Civic Group, after careful consideration and gathering substantial citizen input has taken a position in opposition to the proposed apartment building on East McCaskill Road and across from the Arboretum.  The Civic group has sent a letter to the Village Council documenting this opposition and recommends the rezoning request be denied.  The letter can be read here:   June 13 PCG Letter to Council Opposing Apartment Development

A Public Hearing on the proposed apartment building and commercial building development was held on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. as part of the Pinehurst Village Council Meeting.  After a 1-1/2 hour presentation by the developer and listening to public comment, the Council did not ask one question of anyone, did not take a vote, and will continue the discussion and deliberation on June 14th in a Village Council Work Session.

A comprehensive review of the proceedings and commentary during the lengthy meeting can be found in The Pilot

A video of the meeting can be viewed at the Village web site at the following Video of 5/24/2016 Council Meeting.   Note you can fast forward through the meeting to get to the developers presentation and the public comments.  The developer’s presentation starts at the 56 minute mark and the public comments start at the 2 Hour 26 minute mark. 

Please encourage the Council to fully consider the impact of this project and take the necessary time to ensure the Village of Pinehurst remains a charming, vibrant community which reflects our rich history and traditions.  attend the Village of Pinehurst Village Council Work Session, Tuesday, June 14th at 4:30p.m.   Attend this public meeting to fully understand the exchange among the participants at the Village Council meeting and to add your thoughts,
pro or con, directly to the Village Council.

Following are the Documents that were part of the 5/24 agenda packet for the Council.  These should provide a description of the proposal and the conditions that are being requested.  Some additional documents not part of the Council packet may be found at the end of this post.

(Click on the highlighted PDF file descriptions to open the documents.)

  1. A General Concept Plan (map) of the Development:    Layout of the Greens of Pinehurst – Feb 2016
  2. Conceptual Master Plan (color)     Conceptual Master Plan (color)
  3. The Proposed Development Description and Requirements as submitted by the developer:        Proposed Development Description and Requirements Greens of Pinehurst Feb 2016
  4. The Planning and Inspections Department Staff Report on this request:     Planning Department Staff Report for Council Meeting 5-24-2016
  5. Artist’s Rendition of Apartment Building:   Apartment Building Artist Rendition 5-5-2016
  6. Apartment Building Elevations:                Apartment Building Elevations 5-5-2016
  7. Setback exhibit as submitted to the Planning Board 5-5-2016     Apartment Building Setback Exhibit 5-5-2016
  8. The “Neighborhood Meeting Report” on this proposal and sign in sheet:     Neighborhood Meeting Report and Sign In
  9. The Draft Ordinance to approve the proposal:     Draft Ordinance #16-10



The Greens of Pinehurst is the name for a proposed development on the roughly 6.5 acres bounded by Rattlesnake Trail, McCaskill Road and Magnolia Road across from the Arboretum and just south of the Pinehurst Village Hall.  The applicant is John Allen (Kuester Companies).  The owners of the parcels are Moore Investment Group, LLC and Resorts of Pinehurst. The developer is requesting a zoning map amendment, creation of a conditional zoning district and other amendments or variances to the development ordinance and a creation of a water drainage basin to serve the facility on what is currently Village land.   Note: The apartments are sometimes referred to as “The Greens at the Arboretum Apartments” in some documents.

  • Developer has specified they desire to build a 72 unit apartment building on the 3 acres nearest the Arboretum bordering Magnolia Road and McCaskill Road.  They have stated that they plan to sell or subdivide the 3 1/2 acre eastern section bordering Rattlesnake Trail and McCaskill Road.  This eastern section currently contains abandoned buildings.  Although the concept plan that they have asked to be approved shows mixed use commercial building(s) on the eastern section, the developer is not guaranteeing what or when anything will be built on that half of the plan regardless of the approval of the entire concept plan by the Village.
  • Apartment complex plan would be:
    • 13 three-bedroom, 28 two-bedroom and 31 one-bedroom units
    • Units range in size from 741 square feet to 1,300 square feet
    • Plan is for a density of 72 living units on the 3 acres
  • Two mixed use buildings are shown on the concept plan. No known tenants have surfaced for the 40,000 square foot space and the developer stated they will sell or subdivide this tract for someone else to develop so the location, size, eventual use and style of this building(s) are unknown.
  • Traffic entrance for the Apartment building will be on McCaskill Road.  Although it was stated that they would create a paved access from/to Rattlesnake Trail, it is not clear who will build or maintain this access as they have no plans to develop that part of the plan and it will be up to the new owner of that parcel to fulfill that maintenance commitment.
  • A traffic plan study study is committed and to be submitted to Council on May 24.

Among concerns expressed by citizens include:

  • Density of 72 apartment units on 3 acres
  • Large rental property transient population vs. owner-occupied living units
  • Increased traffic on McCaskill, Rattlesnake, Dundee and other Pinehurst streets
  • Large 4 story building towering over roads, parklands, and other structures in the vicinity
  • No commitment to build the commercial buildings shown on concept plan
  • Clear cut site and 63% + impervious surface on the concept plan for the entire development
  • Appearance of the development and relationship to the Village Hall campus
  • Perspective from Arboretum
  • Minimum setbacks and rear of garages facing McCaskill Road
  • No commitments for potentially required road improvements such as widening and turn-in/turn-out lanes.



The developer has submitted pictures of a recently completed apartment building in Fort Mill, SC that is almost identical to the proposed apartment building in Pinehurst.    This building in Fort Mill is 64 units vs the proposed 72 unit complex for Pinehurst.  The apartment layouts, apartment sizes, amenities and building design for Pinehurst is based on this design and plan.  See below for the apartment building in Fort Mill, called the Greens at Fort Mill. Click on the picture for a larger view.

Greens at Fort Mill Apartment Building #1

Greens at Fort Mill Apartment Building #2

The picture below is a photo of the apartment building in Fort Mill taken fron the road approximatly 350 to 400 feet from the building.  The propsed setback for the Pinehurst apartment (which will be the same design), is between 10 and 25 feet from McCaskill Road.

Greens at Fort Mill view from road


SUPPLIMENTAL INFORMATION – Following are older documents submitted or reviewed and not in the May 24, 2016 Council Meeting Public Hearing Package:

  1. Floor Plans for the Apartments   as of 5-5-2016       Apartment Building Floor Plans 5-5-2016
  2. Developer Responses to the Planning Board on 5-5-2016    Apartment Building Responses to Planning 5-5-2016 Pages 1-2
  3. Early Architect’s Renditions of what the Development would look like.  Note these are early drawings and have been modified slightly in the drawings submitted on 5-5-2016.         Architect Perspectives – Greens at the Arboretum – Feb 2016


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